> From: Rahul Gupta <rahulgupt...@gmail.com>
> This is probably a hangover from SVN habits but still I would like the Git 
> way doing this.
> Normally using SVN, when I work on a latex file, I store the pdf generated 
> in my Tag folder along with latex file. There is no concept of Tag folder 
> in Git and while I want to store the PDF generated at each release-tag, I 
> do not want them in my project folders or to be tracked at all. What is the 
> best way of achieving this?

I think you could get a similar effect by doing something like this:

1. Create the commit that you want to tag.
2. Rebase onto the commit itself (so the following commit won't change
the master branch), using (I think) "git checkout [hash of HEAD]".
3. Insert the .pdf into the index:  "git add -f [whatever].pdf"
4. Create a new commit that contains the source files along with
whatever.pdf: "git commit".
5. Tag the new commit:  "git tag [tag-name] HEAD"
6. Get the working copy back to the master branch: "git checkout

This leaves you with a tagged commit that is not on a branch and
contains the derived files, whose parent is the commit containing
exactly the source files.

I'm new at this, so those commands may not be quite right...



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