I'm new to git, so be gentle.  I'm missing something with deploying a repo 
to a remote.  Here is the scenario...

I'm hosting a private repo on Bitbucket.  I pulled the repo down to a c9.io 
workspace, essentially its just a local copy (but local to their vm running 
my dev environment)... anyway.... I'm going to host it on heroku.  So I 
want to push the local master branch I'm working on up to heroku.  I have 
already done this once, but that is when there was nothing in the heroku 
repo.  Now, I made some changes to my local copy and have all of the 
changes committed.  My working copy is clean.  I want to push it up to 
heroku... what I really want is for it to accept the push and automatically 
merge the changes onto the remote.  I tried to do a git push heroku master, 
but I get an error saying that they are out of sync or something like that.

My thought was to do a fetch/merge and merge my local into the remote I 
fetched... I would then have to push that back?  I guess I'm a little 
confused on how to make this happen...  Do I need to supply you with any 
more details?


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