On Thu, Jan 24, 2013 at 06:44:33PM -0800, adri...@localhost8080.com.br wrote:

> How can I make a merge in eclipse e-git?
> The link "Mark as merged" doesn't works.. Nothing changes when I clicked 
> this link...

I don't know anything about EGIT, so can't really help with merging, but
I suppose that "Mark as merged" action solves different purposes.  When
you're merging, conflicts might happen, which you have to resolve.  After
you resolved a conflict in a file, you have to make Git know you're now
okay with the file's contents; with plain Git, this is done by adding
the file to the index (`git add that_file`), and I suppose that EGIT
action does exacly this either on the selected file or on all of them
marked as being in unmerged state (i.e. having conflicts in them).


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