Just to finish up this discussion. 
I have loaded Ubuntu into Virtual Machine and installed Git there. The 
linux version was able load the full repos. Apparently, the tag with the 
white-space at the end seems to be lost, what is not real big tragedy. ;-) 
So far I could move the git cloned repos to my windows partition. 

On Tuesday, January 22, 2013 3:17:08 PM UTC+1, waas.nett wrote:
> On Tuesday, January 22, 2013 12:11:19 PM UTC+1, Thomas Ferris Nicolaisen 
> wrote:
>> Yes. If it's possible in SVN, then it ideally should be handled by 
>> git-svn. Just make sure you have the latest version of git to make sure 
>> this hasn't been fixed in recent versions. It has at least been mentioned 
>> on the mailing list at some point: 
>> http://git.661346.n2.nabble.com/git-svn-and-subversion-1-7-testcase-failures-due-to-SVN-1-7-changes-td7256873.html
> I am using Git 1.8.0 which is the last official release to my 
> understanding. 
> I cannot verify the problems with subversion as noted in that post. I can 
> pull the version of the tag with subversion. However, as described before I 
> had renamed it in subversion. However, also pulling the revision where the 
> problem was introduced I can pull with subversion. BTW I am using 
> TortoiseSVN 1.7.11 linked against subversion 1.7.8. 
> So it seem to be limited to git-svn. 
>>> I had pulled a dump of the remote repos. I could remove the extra 
>>> white-space with an editor and even load the dump into a local repos. 
>>> Surprisingly this worked without a problem. Only the format issue came into 
>>> play at this point. I will file a report to the developers on the format 
>>> issue a bit later. 
>>> At the moment I am a bit po'ed about getting stuck with converting. I 
>>> need to make a decision to continue or stop and stay with svn. 
>> Everything has costs and benefits. If moving to Git is not critical for 
>> you, I'm sure the time can be well invested elsewhere.
> I would label myself as pure user. Therefore, I am interested simply in 
> using those tools.
> Nevertheless, I was digging a bit more. The  "Permission denied: Can't 
> open '/tmp/report.tmp' : ..." gives a line 1210 in SVN.pm. My clumsy 
> conclusion is that this might be a problem of bash on top of windows. :-( 


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