we have a project, with 100+ maintainers, (yes, I'd say maintainers because 
most of the time we're working on small patches instead of big new features)

The way we've come to manage our work is
1. we use the master branch to reflect what we have in production
2. for every patch, a separate patch branch is created from master
3. when a patch is ready to release/deploy, we first check if the patch 
branch can merge to master without conflict, if yes, the patch is then: 
MERGED to master, and DEPLOYED to production at the same time

The problems we have are:
1. integration happens only upon releasing/deployment, 
2. developers tend to directly deploy patches to production with very 
little testing
3. there's no clear overview picture of what's going on, since everyone 
works on him/herself, and versioning doesn't apply to our product.

My questions are:
What's your view/opinion of this? How to improve the manageability and 
testability, without compromise too much of the ability to quickly fix 
production issues? What's your way of managing?

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