I'm probably missing something key but here's what I'm seeing and maybe 
someone can either tell me if something strange is happening or it's the 
correct behaviour...

  Thanks in advance!

    - target*/

git init temp
cd temp
mkdir -p src/java
touch src/java/temp.java
mkdir target
git status --ignored
*...at this point src/ is in the untracked list, target/ is in the ignored 
list - as I'd expect...*
mkdir -p blah/target/stuff
touch blah/target/stuff/temp.txt
git status --ignored
*...the output is identical to the previous status, there is no mention of 
the blah directory - I'd expect to see some combination of untracked and 
ignored files E.g. in this case just blah/target as ignored.*
touch blah/blah.txt
git status --ignored
*...the output now shows blah/ as untracked but still not mention of the 
blah/target directory, subdirectory or files.*
git add blah
git status --ignored
*...only now does blah/target appear as ignored...*
mkdir -p src/java/com/domain/target
touch src/java/com/domain/target/TargetDummy.java
git status --ignored
*...no mention of the target/ directory under src/...*
git add src/
git status --ignored
*...now shows the src/java/temp.java created earlier as staged but still 
makes no reference to src/java/com/domain/target or the TargetDummy.java 
file in the ignore or staged files.*

So am I expecting too much from "git status --ignored"? Does the current 
behaviour not make it a bit too easy to miss a file from version control? 
If this is the correct behaviour is there any way of achieving what I've 


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