Hi all:

I would like to start gitk, select with the mouse 2 revisions of some file 
and then compare them, hopefully with an external diff tool, very much like 
I am used to with WinCVS.

The closest I got is to start gitk with a filename as an argument, in order 
to restrict the log to that one file. Then I right-click on a commit (a 
file revision) and choose "Mark this commit". However, if I right-click on 
another commit and choose "Compare with marked commit", I get a full commit 
diff with all files, and not just the file I specified on the command-line 

Selecting a filename in the "Tree" view and choosing "Highlight this only", 
as I found on the Internet, does not seem to help.

I have git 1.7.9 (on Cygwin). Can someone help?

By the way, it would be nice if gitk could launch the external diff tool 
from the "Compare with marked commit" option too.

Thanks in advance,

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