Hi all, 

I have a question about something git did I did not expect. Here is my 
setup of files with two git-svn clones: 



       |--- mylibs


       |--- main

I have two different, unrelated `git-svn` checkouts `mylibs` and `main`.  
Now, a `svn commit` was made by someone else in which an external has been 
added in `main` pointing to  `mylibs` (i.e. a `svn` checkout of `main` 
would contain a directory `mylibs`, which is an external to `mylibs`). 

Just out of curiosity I changed into my `main` and did a simple `git svn 
rebase` just to see what git would do with the externals. But `git` created 
a link as follows:

    mylibs -> ../mylibs

which is exactly what I want, but I do not know how this is possible. 
Because the local git checkout of `main` did not know that in the upper 
directory was a checkout of `mylibs`. Does git search for other 
repositories on my local disk?? Is this a new feature?

If someone could enlighten me that would be great. 



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