On Fri, 01 Feb 2013 11:54:39 +0100
Rainer M Krug <r.m.k...@gmail.com> wrote:

> I now did
> git svn clone
> file:///home/rkrug/svn/Documents/Publications/2010/Paper/NonSpatialAcacia
> and it worked (as I do not have a standard layout), but I get all
> files in the repo
> /home/rkrug/svn/Documents/
> and I would only like to have the ones in the directory and its
> subdirectories:
> /home/rkrug/svn/Documents/Publications/2010/Paper/NonSpatialAcacia/
> How can I now effectively split the svn repo in different git repos?

Using the "split" command of git-subtree [1] which is bundled with
recent versions of Git as a contributed script.

1. https://github.com/apenwarr/git-subtree

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