Maybe I didn't express myself clear :-), sorry. 
I was speaking for "at this point", means if you stop (cut) your script at 
the point after adding "T" commit.
before the rebasings ...
... after the rebase all goes wrong, shure.

03 февруари 2013, неделя, 21:52:54 UTC+2, Dale Worley написа:
> > From: Blind < <javascript:>> 
> > 
> > there is still nothing wrong here, 
> > just use the "-m" option for the "git log" (same for diff-tree -m 
> infact). 
> If you go to the end of the new branch ("git checkout rebase", but at 
> the end of the script, that is where you are already), and look at the 
> file "file", you will see the 7.5 line is not there. 
> Dale 

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