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tpm <t.mazze...@gmail.com> wrote:

> I am trying to understand where the information is stored regarding
> what version of GIT is the correct version to use for the systems we
> use in our work environment.

I don't understand this question because you don't specify what is the
criteria for "correctness".

> The systems will be RHat 5.5  or/and Rhat 5.7 and Windows XP, Windows
> 2008 Server and Windows 7.  When I go to the GIT Download, I do not
> see a version specific to all these environments and in some cases
> (windows) it just started to down load the .exe without any
> additional info.

Downloadable version of Git for Windows installer contains the latest
stable "preview" [*] release.  It usually lags about a week to month
behind the matching upstream source release.

> Maybe it's that simple and i am concerned about nothing.

As I've said, I do not really understand the question.

If you're concerned about the fact your varied OSes have different
"stock" versions of Git, which might have interoperability issues, then
your concerns are unfounded.  Git has well-defined on-disk format
of its database (what comprises the Git repository) which has been
established pretty long time ago, and new features being introduced
are kept compliant with the format.  The same applies to Git wire
protocols (those Git client and server use for communicating).  Hence
I'd say you should not have problems accessing the same repositories
using versions of Git in the range 1.6-1.8 at least.

[*] There's no "official" Git for Windows release.  Its developers
    deliberately underline the experimental character of this port,
    and since the development team is severely undermanned and receives
    precisely zero commercial support (several hundreds downloads per
    day notwithstanding) the situation has no signs of changing in the
    near future.  On the other hand, Git for Windows appears to be
    rock solid in a day-to-day experience for many people.

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