On Tue, 12 Feb 2013 16:29:09 +0100
Rainer M Krug <r.m.k...@gmail.com> wrote:

> I have question on how to organize to put a project under git.
> The project consists out of effectively three directories:
> - --Data (this is several GB, but it is GIS and slightly dynamic and
> I would like to have it in a local git only as it contains
> confidential data)
> - --source code (this is the simulation I write (R package), which
> has to be under git and also pushed to github)
> - --simulation files (I would like to have it also under a local git
> so that I have a record of changes)
> so it looks:
>          |-Data
> - -project-+-code
>          |-sim
> So how can I setup git, so that I can push -code to github, but all
> three folders are under git?
> Just to be clear: I am the only developer, and the folders Data and
> sim are only locally relevant, while code contains the package, which
> can be used independently of the other two.

I imagine the simplest way to go would be this:

1) Initialize the root of your tree as a git repository.
2) Add the "Data" directory to the ignore list (.gitignore file).
3) Go to the "Data" directory and initialize there another repository.

Now calls to Git in the top-level directory (and its subdirectories,
except "Data") will find the root repository and ignore your data;
calls to Git in the "Data" directory will find the repository there,
and use it.

The upside is that both projects are completely disjoint.  The possible
downside is that this might not be convenient if you want your
simulation data to be somehow in sync with the commits in the code
repository.  In the latter case, the way to go is to use submodules or
to resort to some more manual solutions such as attaching notes to
certain commits in the code repository containinig SHA-1 names of the
matching commits in the data repository -- the notes are not pushed by

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