> From: Tom Avey <toma...@fgbc.org>
> I could use some help with gitignore. I set up a .gitignore file in the 
> root of my project with a line for WEB-INF. Before setting up that 
> .gitignore, the project has already been "init" and "commit" to master as 
> well some branching. Do I have to do anything else?  It appears that git is 
> not ignoring the files in WEB-INF.

I ran into that myself.

I believe the way it works is that if a file is in the current base
commit, it is considered to be "tracked", even if it is also currently
listed in .gitignore.

The solution is to do a commit that removes the undesired files.  The
command is

    git rm -r --cached WEB-INF

This removes everything in WEB-INF from the cache.  (Without removing
it from the working directory!)  Once you commit that change (don't
forget to commit .gitignore as well), git will not notice files in
WEB-INF, as they are listed in .gitignore and are not in the base


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