Hi Ben,

To expand on Gergely's reply a bit, it sounds like what you're looking for
is `git submodule`, not `git subtree`. Submodules were designed to solve
exactly the problem you're facing.

Each submodule is essentially its own independent Git repository. If you
have RepoA that relies on RepoB, you would add RepoB as a submodule to
RepoA. Then you can pull in upstream commits from RepoB as you would with a
normal Git workflow and access them from RepoA. There are a few extra `git
submodule` commands you would need to learn to keep things in sync.

If I have GitHub host both monolithic and splitted out repos, it seems
> unclear as to how I keep those repos in sync and make sure all the
> developers in our company push their changes to both repos.

This sounds like a dangerous idea. I would use submodules instead.


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