I've cloned the kernel repo (as I am sure it is big enough for this kind of 
and I tried pushing, committing, pruning and another gc, while gc already 

... couldn't brake it.

So I went deeper ( I have a clone of the git repo itself),
and I found out that before git version 1.5.1 git-gc was still a shell 
in which the main points are infact git-repack and git-prune.
git prune shouldn't make any problems,
git-repack is still a shell script, where we can see that it is basically 
git pack-objects,
which on his turn is well prepared for simultaneous processes (I beleive).


27 февруари 2013, сряда, 17:54:44 UTC+2, Dale Worley написа:
> > From: Konstantin Khomoutov <flat...@users.sourceforge.net <javascript:>> 
> > Depends on what you call "the same directory". 
> > Git commands also fall into different categories depending on what they 
> > do. 
> I'm particularly interested in what happens if a process executes "git 
> gc --aggressive".  Are there dangers if another process executes Git 
> command simultaneously? 
> Dale 

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