On Thursday, February 28, 2013 9:38:17 PM UTC+1, Shellback3 wrote:

> Eclipse Juno on Ubuntu 12.004
> About 5 months ago I attempted use git with one of the packages in my one 
> of my projects. I had never used git and got quite frustrated when 
> following a tutorial as, pretty quickly, my screen didn't match the 
> tutorial screen shots and some things just didn't work. I got sidetracked 
> for some time with more important work and am now getting back to coding 
> this project. I've also figured out that git is not appropriate for what 
> I'm doing and want to remove my package from the local git repository and 
> restore it to control of the Package Manager. The local git repository is 
> in the workspace.
> Here are some (shortened) paths:
> Package Explorer - before git
>  airborne.nodes
>    ->/.../development/WorkspaceAirborne/airborne.nodes
> Package Explorer - with git
>  airborne.nodes [nodes master]
>    ->/.../development/hpairborne/nodes/airborne.nodes
> Git Repositories
>  hpairborne [NO-HEAD]
>    ->/.../development/hpairborne/.git
>  nodes [master]
>    ->/.../development/hpairborne/nodes/.git
> If I highlight the git repository and right click among the options is 
> "Delete". If I select that, is the code in the repository deleted or does 
> it just remove pointers to it?
> How do I proceed to restore the Eclipse package?

I'm a bit rusty on my EGit, but I believe what you want to do is to 
"Disconnect" the repository/project from within Eclipse:


"*Disconnect* - Disconnect the attached Git Team Provider from this 
project. The git repository still exists but is no longer integrated with 

Now, this will remove Eclipse's "binding" to the Git repository, meaning 
that Eclipse will treat it as just a normal project folder on the disk. 
There won't be any more Team/remote actions available. Eclipse won't care 
that the project is Git repository, at least not until you re-import it 
again, or do Team -> Share -> Git to reconfigure the binding.

However, on disk it will still be a Git repository, as there is the .git 
directory inside it. If you want to completely drop all history, but keep 
the project as it is, delete the .git subdirectory (warning: maybe keep a 
backup of it somewhere if you're afraid of losing data).

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