I am working of a project "X"

I created a branch "b1" from "master". I am working on some improvements in 
"b1". I didn't commit anything. Not even stage! 

In the middle of the story, I found another bug need to be address soon. 
So, I thought to create another branch "b2" from Master and work on it, 
merge it with master, push it to origin.. and later on go back to "b1" job.

However, when I switched to "master" to create "b2" branch for fixing bug, 
I found all the "untracked" files of "b1" branch in "master"!! All I 
thought till now is, until I "merge" or "push", from a branch  I don't 
practically, change things in "master".. However, I see things now..

This is stopping me to create "b2" branch from master to work on another 
work.. independent of "b1" work.

Hope you understand my situation.

So, the below is summary of above- -- and what I am expecting.. How to do 

The "master" is where actual code is..
"b1" is where I currently work on an issue. Suddenly I need to go for 
another issue. So, want to create "b2" branch from master to work on it.. 
However, I am finding untracked files of b1 in master..

I want to work on b2 issue independent of b1 issue.. and later merge into 
master, and b1 if its really fixed.. 

How to do this?

How do people usually happen to deal with this situation ?

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