I'm not very clear on submodules. I did look at the Online git 
book, http://git-scm.com/book/ch6-6.html, but I'm still somewhat confused. 
>From this chapter I understood that if I want one project to include 
another, I use submodules. But here is where I'm clear. Say I have the 
following directory structure
myproject (regular git project)
 |-some other project 1 (as a git submodule)
 |-some other project 2 (as a git submodule)

1) Say both project1 and project2 are being developed. However when I clone 
or pull myproject I don't want the latest version of project 1 and project 
2. I want them at the state when I created them as submodules. Do I need to 
git add myproject/project1 myproject/project2 ?
2) What do I need to do I do want the latest revisions of project1 and 
project2 when myproject is clonded or pulled?

Any help is appreciated.

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