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Mirko Massignani <mirko.massign...@gmail.com> wrote:

> >> I'm using GitExtensions 2.44 and I'm trying to clone a svn
> >> repository, but clone ends with an error:
> >>
> >> *mkdir .git/svn/refs/remotes/v2.2 (:Net: Not a directory at 
> >> /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/Git/SVN.pm line 2317*
> >>
> >> v2.2 (:Net *was an empty svn branch removed from the repository
> >> and now not exists.**
> >> *
> >> *
> >> *
> >> *Does anyone have a solution?*
> >> *
> >> *
> >> Thanks!
> >>
> >
> >
> > You could try ignoring the error and just continue fetching with
> > git svn fetch. 
> >
> > Further more, please include the version of git you are using (git 
> > --version, git svn --version), which commands that you made, along
> > with all of the output.
> >
> I'm using GitExtensions 2.44 [.Net 4]

GitExtensions is just a GUI wrapper around Git for Windows.
It does not do anything Git-related by itself, but calls out to plain
git executable to perform each of its actions.
It even has two distribution packages (.MSI) -- one includuding Git for
Windows installer and another one which doesn't.

This (and the error message indeed) mean that GitExtensions itself has
nothing to do with this error as this error comes from one specific
component of Git -- its Subversion protocol glue called git-svn [1].

So in order to debug this further you have to do several things:
1) Forget about GitExtensions for now and work with plain Git.
2) This requires working in the command shell (cmd.exe) or another
   shell substitute (PowerShell, Console2 or whatever else).

Now drop into the command shell, `cd` to some convenient directory and

git svn clone URL_OF_YOUR_SVN_REPO

there.  Now copy the error trace (preferably with as much
context as possible) from the console window and post it there.
Also copy and paste what running

git --version

tells to you.

And please don't top-post.

1. https://www.kernel.org/pub/software/scm/git/docs/git-svn.html

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