On Fri, Mar 08, 2013 at 03:56:42PM -0800, Johan 't Hart wrote:

> >> My guess is that it has just always behaved that way, and changing it now 
> > would surprise too many users. Personally I would find it very disturbing 
> > if "merge" started modifying my index (the only commands that should modify 
> > my index are "add" and "reset"..).
> merge modifies your index already when running into a conflict 

I think the word "merge" there has been put in quotes for a reason.
Regular merging does modify the index, but this is expected.

I now have a vague idea than making `git merge` (and `git pull`, in
effect) and `git stash` understand a special command-line option
analagous to "--all" of `git add` might satisfy those coming from
Subversion.  The exact semantics of an option like this are hard to
specify precisely though.  I've seen more than once on the main Git list
how sensibly-looking (on first sight) propositions are debunked by the
developers pointing at problems which were not at all apparent when
the proposition was made.  I mean, this is just handwaving on my part.

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