I'm using git to manage my vim plugins. I did read a git 
book, http://git-scm.com/book, but I'm having trouble understanding some of 
the concepts.

Right now I'm facing a problem with git submodules. Currently when I run 
git status it shows that all of my submodules are untracked.
Here is part of the output of git status

# modified: bundle/FuzzyFinder (untracked content)
# modified: bundle/L9 (untracked content)
# modified: bundle/cscope (untracked content)
# modified: bundle/taglist (untracked content)
# modified: bundle/vim-project (untracked content)

I read several posts online and also looked at git help status. Pretty much 
all the posts recommend using some form of --ignore-submodules option. Here 
is help for this option

Ignore changes to submodules when looking for changes. <when> can be either 
"none", "untracked", "dirty" or "all", which is the default. Using "none" 
will consider the submodule modified when it either contains untracked or 
modified files or its HEAD differs from the commit recorded in the 
superproject and can be used to override any settings of the *ignore* option 
When "untracked" is used submodules are not considered dirty when they only 
contain untracked content (but they are still scanned for modified 
content). Using "dirty" ignores all changes to the work tree of submodules, 
only changes to the commits stored in the superproject are shown (this was 
the behavior before 1.7.0). Using "all" hides all changes to submodules 
(and suppresses the output of submodule summaries when the config option 
status.submodulesummary is set).

I'm having trouble undestanding this help message.
1) When it talks about the HEAD, does it mean the HEAD on the remote server 
or does it mean the HEAD of the submodule on my local machine?2) What does 
it mean for a submodule to be considered dirty?3) What is meant by 
untracked content?4) What is meant by the work tree and the work tree of 
submodules? Is there a difference between them?
Any help is appreciated.

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