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> I'm a little confused about the multiple packages available for Windows 
> OS.  There may be others, but I currently am only aware of this one.
> The two books and the GIT installers they recommend:
>    - GIT: Version Control For Everyone; http://git-scm.com/downloads
>    - Version Control With GIT Second Edition; msysGit

There are only two known flavors of Git running on Windows:
1) The one built for Cygwin and requiring its environment to work.
2) Native Windows port, known both as msysGit and Git for Windows.

Now let me clear up the confusion with the latter.

When that port was initiated, it got its name because the MSYS
toolkit (and the rest of the stack like the MinGW compiler suite) was
used to help with porting.

When the port matured, at some point its developers decided to
differentiate binary builds for end users and the dev. environment (the
sources and the build framework around them) by names, and so the binary
build got the name "Git for Windows" and the development environment
retained the old name "msysGit".  Unfortunately, the latter name got too
much circulation, up to the point packages that piggyback on top of Git
for Windows (like Git Extensions and TortoiseGit) usually call it
"msysGit", so quite often when you see "msysGit" this really implies
"Git for Windows" -- the only way to distinguish is from the context.

So, to *use* Git you need "Git for Windows"; to *develop* Git itsef (not
"develop *with* Git") you need "msysGit".  This can be seen on the
msysGit main page [1] which is divided to the two parts exactly because
of this.

The official download location of Git for Windows is [2].

1. http://msysgit.github.com/
2. http://git-scm.com/download/win

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