> From: Brian Jones <caneri...@gmail.com>
> In out of the box git, do commits remember the name of the branch that 
> created them? If so, what command can I use to see that information? My 
> assumption is that commits do not record branch names but I want 
> confirmation.

You are correct, commits do not remember the name of the branch that
created them.  The problem is that there is a network (directed
acyclic graph) of commits.  Branches are actually pointers to specific
commits, the current head commit of the branch.  So after a while,
there may be no relationship between the branch that was checked out
in the working copy which created the commit and the commit itself.
Indeed, if you do a rebase on a development branch, most likely all
the commits that were created using that branch are no longer
ancestors of the head of that branch.


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