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Denis Porplenko <denis.porple...@gmail.com> wrote:

> I am doing a project in the local environment Denwer
> My local sites in the folder / home / site.name / www /
> Inside the folder www must be project file.
> I want to make a clone of the repository in this folder.
> When it does, it is created within a folder called repository, and
> inside is a project file.
> How to do that would have been inside the www project files no folder
> named Repository?

It's a bit hard to understand what you want.

If you have a pre-existing directory "/home/site.name/www/" and just
want to fetch some project inside it, the best bet is to not use
`git clone` but do a bit of manual setup, and then fetch:

$ cd /home/site.name/www/
$ git init .
$ git remote add origin <git_url>
$ git fetch

The end result will be as if you did `git clone`.

If the current contents of the "/home/site.name/www/" directory is
irrelevant, just use the fact `git clone` can be told where to put the
files.  So just do

$ git clone <git_url> /home/site.name/www/

In this case, the target directy either will be created (if it not yet
exists) or the project will be created in it (with the Git directory
created in it first).

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