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Cesar Casasola <cesarsis...@gmail.com> wrote:

> I've a bare repository on Windows Server. I need  clone in a local 
> repository in a directory of Ubuntu Server. 
> Iam using followinf command but don't work:
> git clone //ipadress/git$/dir/project.git

Yes, Ubuntu does not have Windows file sharing protocol built into its guts (as 
is the case with Windows), so "//computername" has no sense to Git (and to 
everything else) here.  To use it, you have to actually mount the Windows 
network share to a local directory, and fetch from there.

Open up a shell and do there:

$ id

^^^ notice your user name and primary group in the output

$ mkdir /tmp/server
$ sudo apt-get install cifs-utils
$ sudo mount -t cifs -o username=admin,uid=you,gid=you //ipaddress/git\$ 

^^^ "admin" is the remote user name -- substitude by the real one; "you" is the 
local user name and group name, obtained on the first step.

$ cd ~/devel
$ git clone /tmp/server/dir/project.git
$ sudo umount /tmp/server && rmdir /tmp/server

Alternative ways:

1) If you have GNOME installed, most probably you also have its GVFS backend
   for CIFS installed.  If this is so, open up file explorer, navigate to
   And if all goes well, a mount point was created for you under
   ~/.gvfs -- you can use it right away to clone from it.

2) If you have HTTP or FTP server on your Windows server, you could use
   `git bundle` on the server, fetch the bundle to your Ubuntu workstation,
   then clone from that bundle.

3) Implement full-fledged access to Git on your Windows machine and clone
   using SSH or HTTP protocols (i.e. "as usually").
   This either requires installing a Windows port of OpenSSH and/or making
   Git play with IIS.

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