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Konstantin Khomoutov <flatw...@users.sourceforge.net> wrote:

> >    - It appears your comments for the "can git support 'sparse'
> > workspaces" question was lost. All that you posted was "Yes and No.
> > Git supports". It appears that the remainder of your comments were
> > cut off.


> Another thing which might help you while not addressing the specific
> problem are "sparse clones" -- the only problem is that they are
> "depth-sparse", not "width-spare": you can tell Git to only fetch a
> tip commit (or N commits) of a specified branch to conserve bandwidth
> and disk space.  The resulting repository will obviously be "lame"
> compared to a full-fledged clone, but that would work OK for certain
> workflows.

One thing I forgot to mention (because never used it myself) is Git's
ability to do sparse checkouts (that is, "width-sparse") [1].
Basically, this allows you to have only a subset of directories checked
out into your work tree; all the history is still there, locally.
Also note that this is a completely client-side feature.


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