Thanks Johan.

On Tuesday, March 26, 2013 2:07:48 PM UTC-7, Johan 't Hart wrote:
> For me its not really clear whether your developers work on a project and 
> do changes on the SDK from the chip guys, or the project is purely 
> (extensive) modifications to the SDK?

Sorry I was trying to keep the explanation short- the project is a deb 
package built in C that is a customized driver. Many hundreds of files, and 
a very complex job the chip does. Industrial hardware and software for 

> In both cases, I think you can do both the options you proposed like this:
> Create a git repository that has 2 submodules. Those 2 submodules point to 
> a different branch on the same repository.
> The first is the SDK as received from the chip guys (for example named 
> 'original')
> The second is the same SDK but with the modifications of your developers. 
> (for example named 'develop')
> When a new version is received from the chip guys, apply it to the first 
> submodule. Commit and push.
> Now go to the second submodule. To there do git pull origin develop.

OK I think I'll try a test, since I've not used submodules yet.

If anyone is interested, I find that these two popular work-flows, git-hub 
and git-flow, are both insane for our business, though I'm sure they work 
as claimed for other types of software products. This guy is funny: and this guy 
seems closest to our engineering culture -   


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