> From: Paul Smith <p...@mad-scientist.net>
> So, I have a patch that was created with "git diff" (can't use
> format-patch in my situation).  If the patch deletes files, such as:
> then those deletes are reflected in Git after the "git apply", which is
> good.  But, if my patch ADDS a file, such as:
> then this file is just left in my workspace as an untracked file, and
> not added with "git add".  This is annoying.

What do you mean "those deletes are reflected in Git"?  According to
the manual page, the file should be deleted in the working directory,
but it won't be removed from the index.  Similarly in the second case,
the file should be added in the working directory, but it won't be
added to the index.

Exactly what arguments are you using to "git apply", and what commands
are you using to create the commits?


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