From nothing.
Simply start with `git init` on the first PC. (and `git add`; `git commit` etc. so you have something in the repo)
Permit sharing.
Got to second (or third, 4th, ..) PC, create directory, permit sharing, and then `git clone`. This should populate the directory with the 'copy' of the remote PC-1.
Create and checkout your development branch for that PC-n.
Note that you do not have a central bare repository machine. All your remotes are working machines, so there is a potential for collision if one person tries to push a branch that is checked out (and possibly dirty with in-work, uncommitted changes) on the remote machine. I believe git will refuse, but I'm not sure.

You can now 'push' that branch back to PC-1, and 'fetch' from PC-1 any work they did. Like wise you can push work from PC-2 to PC-4 if they are want to exchange work on a feature they are working on (and fetch back)

I would advice never to 'pull' in this situation as it attempts an auto merge, but to do a distinct two step of 'fetch' and then 'merge'. It gives you a breathing space just in case. (option to require it to be a ff, and clean tree?)

Designate one machine as the location of the primary reference for which ever branch you end up using as "master", and set up some admin to stage those updates gracefully with team emails to notify when updates are in place.

Does that help?

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What command to use for the push / copy?

Also both directories must have .git folder... Initialized with git?

Source PC is win7, and destined PC vista both 64bit.....


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