have a remote repository and a local one. The local Git repository I also 
use in StarTeam.

My task is to take files from Git origin, after check them out on StarTeam, 
and then add changes to Git origin. But, I'm not allowed to do any merge. 
So I can't use git pull. The stupid way is to clone files each time from 
origin to master then do what I want to do in StarTeam, and then add files 
to origin through gitHub. I am not sure if the last step is correct, 
because I don't want to do any merge wherever I am.

So I want to know how to deal with it quickly:

   1. Check out my master branch to origin one
   2. Delete all untracked files from master,
   3. After doing some changes in StarTeam, add and commit on the master 
   branch all the changes and then add it to the origin branch, but without 
   doing any merge on the origin side.

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