I have three versions of my website which I update using ftp from my 

   1. active - public version
   2. beta - almost ready for public
   3. new - experimental workplace

Currently, the three copies on my computer are soft linked to a git 
repository and I switch among them using commit and checkout.

[git repository]-----+---> [active image] -------ftp------> [active website]
                     +---> [beta image]   -------ftp------> [beta website]
                     +---> [new image]    -------ftp------> [new website]

Unfortunately, this means before making a change in one branch, I have to 
commit the current one and checkout another.  This is
fraught with error possibilities, since it would be easy to forget which 
branch I am currently in.

So, is there a way to be able to work on all versions simultaneously as 
separate branches?  Could I have three copies of a git server repository,
each in its own branch, and work on them as if I were three developers on 
three separate computers?    

[git repository]---------> [active image] -------ftp------> [active website]

[git repository]---------> [beta image]   -------ftp------> [beta website]

[git repository]---------> [new image]    -------ftp------> [new website]


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