A friend did a "git reset --hard origin". He did that instead of going "git 
reset --hard origin/branch_name" which is what he actually intended. After 
that he pushed his changes.
An hour later I did a "git pull origin branch_name" and a bunch of new 
files were pulled from master; but in the local and remote logs we never 
see those files being committed or any merge from master to our branch, or 
anything to indicate us what occurred.
To try and reproduce it I did "git reset --hard origin" locally and got 
this when doing "git status":
# On branch my_branch 
# Your branch and 'origin/my_branch' have diverged, 
# and have 145 and 288 different commit(s) each, respectively.

So It seems that it reset the current branch to the state of the master 
branch on origin, but I'd like to determine what happened just by looking 
at the logs.


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