OK, how to I set up a submodule?

As far as I can tell from "Version Control with Git", I should be able

1. Write .gitmodules with the appropriate configuration values.  In my

[submodule "T9"]
        path = T9
        url = /home/worley/T9

2. Execute "git submodule init" to copy these config values into
.git/config, thus making the submodule known to Git.

3. Execute "git submodule update" to cause Git to set up the directory
./T9; in this situation, by cloning /home/worley/T9 into it.

However, the "git submodule" commands do nothing and produce no error
messages.  (Which is crappy coding!)  So I'm not doing the right
thing, and have no guidance as to where I'm making a mistake.


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