Hi everyone!
I like git very much as version control system form code development and 
I'm using it for a while. But now I've got a different task and I want to 
use git for it.
I've got a windows share folder, located on a server I don't have access 
to. There are few people working with this folder. The folder contains 
mainly Excel files. Every file can be edited only by one user at any moment 
of time. The task is to organize a version control system on this shared 
folder. My idea is just to create git repository on that shared folder, 
install git gui like TortoiseGit on local machines of user working with it 
and make commits from local machines to the repository. I don't need 
branching, local copies of repository and merging. Only simple commits to 
store history of changes and be able to compare different revisions of the 
file (I'm using a custom utility with git-difftool). The thing I'm worried 
about is would be such approach safe. For example, if 2 users make commits 
at the same time, will it be ok? Or what will happen if the connection to 
the server would be lost during a commit (though it's not likely to 
happen)? Can this make any damage to repository? Maybe there are some other 
problems I haven't thought about?
I would be glad for any help or comments.

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