> From: David Cherian <david.cher...@gmail.com>
> I am startled with the fact that I can pull two completely different repos 
> into each other.

Ultimately, a Git repository is a storage bin of commits, with the
constraint that all of a commit's parents must also be in the storage
bin.  If you pull commits from two different repositories into your
repository, there are two (or more!) sets of commits that are not
interconnected by "commit parent" relationships, but there's nothing
wrong with that.  And you can create such a situation locally by
creating a new branch that has no ancestors using "git checkout
--orphan <new-branch-name>".  (Actually, you set the working copy so
that the next commit is created with no ancestors.)

Of course, the relationships between the various branch names in the
various repositories can get complicated...


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