Typically *submodules* are used; however, you have to be careful how you 
use them so I'd do some reading before diving in. 

  There is also the *subtree merging,* which has an example here - 

  Another option is the *subtree* command, not to be confused with *subtree 
merging*, which I believe is an equivalent to *submodules* but nicer to 
use. It has been merged into the main Git repository but I think you have 
to install it separately. http://apenwarr.ca/log/?m=200904#30



On Monday, April 29, 2013 1:35:46 PM UTC+1, Mario Luzeiro wrote:
> Hi!
> I have my project in a git repository and I want add inside it a library, 
> that comes from another git project. I want to be able to track (or add the 
> files of) the source code of the library project and the possibility to 
> update the library project.
> So it will be possible when I checkout my project (with the library 
> source), it will be possible to update also the library project..
> Is it possible to do?

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