I have 

> Is there a git porcelain command to revert the working dir state of a 
> staged file to its HEAD state and at the same time keep the staged state of 
> the file? Later I would like to be able to revert the working dir state to 
> the staged state of the file. My initial thought was to use git checkout 
> HEAD -- targetfile, but it resets the staged state of the file too. I see 
> that this is doable with git stash, but it affects other files while I 
> would like to focus on a single file and preserve the state of the others 
> untouched as otherwise it could lead to merge conflicts:
> git add targetfile
> git stash
> ... // modify tagetfile in seeking of different task solution, possibly 
> modifying other files too
> git checkout HEAD -- targetfile //drop the different solution attempt, keep 
> other modified files if any
> git stash apply --index // revert to the stashed staged solution, but 
> produces merge conflict for other modified files
> I found a nice article <http://www.progit.org/blog/2011/07/11/reset.html> 
> with 
> summary table at the end which lacks the scenario described in this 
> question. In my opinion this should be easily feasible, but I am surprised 
> that staged and working dir states are so tightly coupled - you can reset 
> the staged state for a file while preserving its working dir state, but I 
> have hard time to achieve the opposite.
Where should we submit a feature request in case a porcelain command is 
missing for this case?

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