On 05/05/2013 10:09 AM, Konstantin Khomoutov wrote:
> The call `git diff SDK_0.0 Makefile`, unless "Makefile" can be parsed as
> a revision, will compare the state of Makefile as recorded by a commit
> to which SDK_0.0 resolves with its state in the work tree.

yes I see, and in fact it shows the whole Makefile which wasn't in SDK_0.0 
after all.

> The call to `git describe` takes HEAD (as no explicit revision is passed
> to it), finds the nearest annotated tag down its ancestry line,
> succeeds and prints the result meaning the HEAD currently points to
> the commit 6a06923 which is the 34th commit since the SDK_0.0 tag.

I see now. I was misusing it.

> I cannot explain why you observe a whole-file difference in the first
> case.  Two speculative guesses:
> * The SDK_0.0 tag points to a commit which does not contain Makefile.

yes, that was my mistake, but I couldn't see it. Using gitk its obvious.

and thanks for the CLI commands in your follow-up. They will be useful.

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