We are using throwaway integration branches which are pushed, and then 
later deleted and recreated - and this is working well, however the 
discarded branches are leaving dangling commits and trees which I can view 
with this command: git fsck --unreachable --no-reflogs

I could clean them up with 

git reflog expire --expire-unreachable=now --all

git gc --prune=now

or something similar, but I want to understand the scope of these commands. 
E.g. how can I affect the clean up in the remote repository on Github so that 
when others clone they do not get these dangling items? Do I need to somehow 
push this change?

On a related note there are related configurations I would like to set: 
gc.pruneexpire, gc.reflogexpire, gc.reflogexpireunreachable etc. but again not 
sure how to have this take effect at Github.

Any tips appreciated,


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