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> I realize this is probably a strange question, but my employer wants
> to make sure we can freely use the 'git' name in our documentation
> and even our internal git.server.org DNS structure without risk of
> legal problems. I'm not sure who to contact for this "officially" as
> there isn't an email address on the project page, other then the
> mailing list.  Does anyone have any suggestions?

That mailing list (git at vger.kernel.org) is indeed the "official"
place to ask.  But really I doubt you will get any *definitive* answer
even there for the simple reason: no one cares.  Some F/OSS projects
strive to protect them from abuse (recall the recent claim from some
european firm it has the right to use the word "Python" for its
projects, and hence the Python foundation should rename its stuff and
surrender using their python.org domain etc; luckily those morons
failed).  I mean, no one is realistically going to sue your organisation
for just using those names -- no matter whether in the internal docs or
for naming subdomains.  The only concievable reason for which a legal
action could be taken against your enterprise is when it somehow
decided to *claim* it has some *exclusive* rights to use the name "Git"
for the products it sells etc.

Also let's looks at the issue from an extreme layman's point of view:
if using things like this wasn't possible then online technical media
could not exist at all as every article they post is ripe with
names of products (trademarked or not).
If really in doubt, I think you could add a footer to each piece of your
documentation stating something like "the names of the software
products mentioned in this documentation might be trade marks of their
respective owners".

The last point: Git is a member of the "Free Software Concervancy"
not-for-profit organisation, and the latter has contacts [1], which, I
think, you could use to ask them your question.

1. http://sfconservancy.org/about/contact/

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