On 16/05/2013 19:27, ad...@ashah.otherinbox.com wrote:
> Hi All,
> I am trying to convert my SVN repo to GIT using GIT-SVN and after a few
> commits being process am running in to following error
> Ashish-Shahs-Macbook-Pro: git svn fetch
> .
> .
> .
> r1878 = 79e09734fdb4916276da8273f25ecfbff37954a6
> (refs/remotes/svn/nt/notecards)
> Checksum mismatch: dashboard-merged/_images/bg-header-public.jpg
> 2969d1b5f818325a7516ea392be9564e1da2a3e7
> expected: 42865291d24451e2dc7be44a60f3f692
>      got: 679bc6fd19e3879fed0c17e1b6735161

This error message is coming directly from Subversion, so it's more
likely that you'll get a response from that side of the process than the
git side.

A quick Google brought up

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