After 'git submodule update' your submodule is checked out at given ish so 
it's put onto 'no branch'.

If you know that it's f.i. master you can:
 * cd submodule
 * git checkout master
 * do your work && commit
 * cd to main repo
 * git add submodule && git commit

W dniu niedziela, 19 maja 2013 18:15:17 UTC+2 użytkownik Surya napisał:
> We have a project and its under Git.. and a directory under the project 
> has its own Git rep (a submodule).
> We are having two different repos' on Github and my maintainer, linked one 
> into another.. I just cloned the main repo, 
> and followed 
> $ git submodule init
> $ git submodule update
> I worked on the code and pushed the local branch (where I worked) to the 
> Github before sending PR. Now, here is the deal, I don't see the submodule 
> - git repo to be updated.
> When I changed the dir into submodule
> and executed
> $ git branch
> I found
> * (no branch)
>   master
> How to fix my stuff now? 
> Thanks

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