> From: Tim Richardson <t...@tim-richardson.net>
> In git version (in arch) I'm getting this message when doing git 
> commit -a
> fatal: empty ident name (for <tim@newton.(none)>) not allowed
> I get this message in a brand new repository.
> I'm getting the same message in Ubuntu 12.10 which has
> The message suggests I do
> Run
>   git config --global user.email "y...@example.com"
>   git config --global user.name "Your Name"
> to set your account's default identity.
> but I've done this
> [tim@newton git_scratchpad]$ git config -l
> core.repositoryformatversion=0
> core.filemode=true
> core.bare=false
> core.logallrefupdates=true

It doesn't look like you've done

>   git config user.email "..."
>   git config user.name "..."

in a way that Git can find for *this* repository, or else Git doesn't
like the values that you gave.

>From the manual page, it looks like "git config -l" will list only
variables set in this .git/config file.  To see your global
configuration values, you need to do "git config -l --global".

But in some situations, Git will use your Unix user identity/e-mail
for these values.

My guess from these messages is that the e-mail that Git can find for
you is "tim@newton", and Git knows that "newton" can't be your full
e-mail and is choking on it.


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