I asked a question on stackoverflow.com about merge conflict resolution 
after re-factoring.


There is currently no answers, so I decided to ask the same question here.

- Create branch A
- Create branch B

- Checkout A, refactore (extract half of an existing file (text.txt) into a 
new one)
- Commit into A

- Checkout B
- Change text.txt file slightly (both extracted and not extracted parts)
- Commit into B

- Merge A and B

My expectation was: no conflicts, git applies changes on both files 
(original and extracted).
Why I expect this? Because "git gui blame <extracted new file>" is able to 
determine origin of the code,
so git merge in my opinion should be capable to.

Alternative, git could apply changes to both files correctly (as I 
expected), but then generated two merge conflicts
drawing attention to potential wrong conflict resolution. The best solution 
would a configuration option, like "merge.moved"=(yes|conflict|no).

At the mean time git generates one big conflict. Resolving this conflict 
requires deep knowledge about refactoring done to the branch A.

Please, consider original question for details and examples:


Thank you for your comments and workarounds :-)

Kind regards,
Boris Brodski

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