On 2013-05-23 15:33, Philip Oakley wrote:
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> I did find part of the documentation hidden in git config as a special
> case for defining a remote, but the command line effect hadn't been
> noted. So I've submitted a documentation patch for comment to the main
> list.

Indeed, it's set off quite a firestorm :-)

FWIW I still believe that `.' means only `the local repository', and not
`the current directory which may or may not contain a .git directory'.

You can run a simple git push in a subdirectory of a repository root
directory to prove this to yourself:

(Assuming a throwaway test repo for the below commands)

git checkout -b mybranch master
mkdir mydir
cd mydir
echo myword >myword.txt
git add myword.txt
git commit -m"My message"
git push .. mybranch:master # fatal: '..' does not appear to be a...
git push . mybranch:master # Total 0 (delta 0), reused 0 (delta 0)...

> [...]
> True. Though often an extended discussion...
>         in [PATCH 1/3] fetch: add --allow-local option,

I tend to agree with Junio that the existing _default_ fetch behaviour
shouldn't be changed. But disagreement can be vocal sometimes....



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