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> Greetings!!!
> We are implementing the GIT in our project implementation and delivery 
> process.
> we are facing problem how to define branches for parallel development and 
> optimum point for merging.
> Let me first brief you all our project and delivery structure as below 
> Could any one suggest me the best possible structure/branches and merge
> we are facing problem how to define branches for parallel development and 
> optimum point for merging.
> At a given point of time we are having a 
> a. development going on 
> b. system testing for the development
> c. UAT issues for previously delivered job
> We also do a periodic offshore environment refresh from UAT environment 
> 1#
> offshore Team
> Three different Team (Parallel Development)
> Team A - Development/UAT issue Fixing
> Team B - Development/UAT issue Fixing
> Team C - Development/UAT issue Fixing
> Setps - 
> Development
> after development Move for System Testing 
> after system testing Move for UAT Testing (onsite UAT server)
> after UAT move for Staging (onsite staging server)
> afer staging move for Production
> Offshore Environment
> 1. Development
> 2. System Testing and ST issue fixing
> Periodic offshore environment refresh is done 
> a. to update with latest code changes
> b. to get the onsite changes
> 2#
> Onsite Team
> Urgent fixes done in onsite UAT server
> after UAT move to production

It's very hard to say something concrete without being more immersed in 
your specific situation.. A generic advice I can give is to have a look at 
the gitflow example model:



A lot of people on this list are familiar with gitflow, so maybe you can 
frame your questions in the shape like "We want to do something like 
gitflow, but we also need X and Y on top" or something like that.

That being said, a lot of people walk away from the gitflow model and end 
up doing something simpler, especially when starting off with Git. You want 
to keep things simple until you master the tooling on smaller projects 

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