Hello all,

I have done a little bit of research on the groups but I don't seem to have 
found a clear answer to this.

I need to make a choice about a version control AND configuration 
management tool for semiconductor projects. These would be mixed-signal 
analog/digital projects, with file type ranging from documentation, to 
source code (verilog/vhdl) and huge text (netlists) and binary files 
(design databases)

I have used CVS, SVN, Clearcase and I have found very stressful limitations 
in all of those, both during the RTL development and verification, which is 
the part that most resembles programming, and during implementation, which 
is the phase that generates the huge, often binary, files.

There are alternatives that come to mind (I'm not writing this to publicize 
them) but I would like to know if there are other users in this group who 
are already using GIT in an electronic design environment.

My main questions involve:

- optimization of disk space. Git has the advantage of being distributed, 
but when all the users are actually on the same disk volume in a compute 
farm, this is not really a benefit, as it'll create a lot of file 
duplication. Keep in mind that a medium complexity asic can easily require 
more than 1TB of space to be archived properly.

- Configuration Management. Projects absolutely need to be split into a lot 
of sub-projects. No one on the team needs to (or should) have access to the 
entire database. However, ensuring all the various sub-designs, subchips 
and library packages stay in sync is a major headache.

Thank you all

Marco Brambilla

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