I'm new to git, and having done a fair bit of reading up I've set up a 
github account ready to get started.

I plan to combine elements of Inuit CSS (
https://github.com/csswizardry/inuit.css) with Bones (
https://github.com/eddiemachado/bones) to create my own starter framework 
for Wordpress projects.

My question is should I fork each of these projects and clone them locally, 
then edit/combine and upload to a new repository? The help info regarding 
forking appears to imply that you would fork a repository when you were 
looking to contribute to the original repository rather than create a 
derivative work, or perhaps that is just the most common use case?

The other option I can see is to just download the repository for each as a 
zip file, combine/edit and then upload them to a new repository.

Is there a benefit to either route or perhaps another approach that I might 
be missing?


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