Its not about splitting the push that another developer has submitted. Its 
not about splitting file A and CRIT.

Its about not needing any part of that commit in order to work in our 
current environment. With Git you are forced to pull both A and CRIT before 
pushing your changes. I don't want either A nor CRIT. The only time I would 
need them is when I have changed either A or CRIT.

Different branches or submodule won't work. The change to A and CRIT will 
be required soon - but at the request of the receiver, not forced upon you 
by Git.

Believe it or not I do realise that we do not need to get Git!

So it looks like the only way is reduce the criticality of CRIT. Obviously 
nothing to do with Git.

But anyway, if a developer must receive the critical file change, what 
would you say to a developer that makes him think its worth adopting git 
even though it has this major drawback? 

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