We're pretty much stuck with subversion over here, yet a few colleagues 
would like to try Git. 
The Git-Book has a note that it might make sense to create a git-svn clone 
and have others git clone that one - too bad it doesn't explain how (altho 
one could think the obvious).
There are tutorials and steps available elsewhere, like on the Git 
various <http://kris.me.uk/2010/10/01/svn-master-with-git-mirrors.html> 
other <http://www.tfnico.com/presentations/git-and-subversion> blogs.

All of them have the same problem (at least for me); and its described in 
some other blog i found on google: 
Too bad his solution didn't work for me.

On client side, i'm doing this to test my setup:
D:\_git>git clone -o svn git://debian-esxi/svn/Utils utils-test
Cloning into 'utils-test'...[...]

D:\_git>cd utils-test

D:\_git\utils-test>git svn init --prefix=svn/ -s 
Using higher level of URL: http://linux01/svn/tci/Utils => 

D:\_git\utils-test>git svn rebase
Unable to determine upstream SVN information from working tree history

The last step never works; regardless if I update-ref/symbolic-ref git-svn 
files in various locations or not (like git update-ref refs/remotes/git-svn 
HEAD or git update-ref refs/remotes/svn/git-svn HEAD).
I compared the git clone with a complete git-svn clone and ended up with 
the exact same git sandbox; except the .rev_map file. Someone else said 
that the .rev_map will be rebuilt by running either git-svn fetch or 
rebase; but I never get that far.

Does anyone have some pointers on what else I could try to get this 
working? I'd really like to share my colleagues of having to go through 
days of cloning from the original 30k+ revs.

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